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The 6th Juried NPS Exhibition
2021 Summer Web Show

   Jurors: Javad Soleimanpour, Andrew McDermottOlga Abramova 

Judge - Richard McKinley

ГРАН ПРИ Ярославль  После грозы  50x70,

Grand Prix

Alexey Talanov
Yaroslavl.  After the storm
50 х 70 cm, 2020

Judge`s comment: "This painting stood out from the beginning of my review process. It demonstrates a complete mastery of pastel and the mediums’ ability to be powerfully applied on a par with the finest of oil paintings. The artist has utilized all of the visual elements of design, with the greatest of skill, to create a truly exquisite pastel painting. It is stunning — bravo!"


Elena Prudnikova
Portrait of Alina Petrovskaya
68 х 63 cm, 2021

Judge`s comments: Everything about this spectacular figure painting is perfection. Compositional placement, engagement of the viewer, handling of edges, color and value relations, all show a depth and artistic proficiency. The longer one looks at the painting, the more intrigued they will become.

ЗОЛОТО Портрет Алины Петровской 68х63, 2
СЕРЕБРО Дилижан 36х54, 2021 Сергей Усик.


Sergei Oussik
36 х 54 cm, 2021

Judge`s comments: A beautiful example of how surface tone can be utilized by a pastel artist as an indirect unifying factor in a painting. The subtle emphasis of color placement and texture throughout the painting is done strategically. While the scene is made up of objects, it is the placement of the notes of pastel that make it so much more than a picture, it is a painting.


Anna Lapygina
My boy
50 х 70 cm, 2021

Judge`s comments: Expressing feeling and personality is one of the highest accomplishments for a portrait artist. This artist has done that. Shapes, patterns, value contrast, color temperature, are all orchestrated to produce an engaging, intimate painting. While classical in its foundation, this painting is at the same time modern and memorable.

БРОНЗА Мой мальчик 50x70, 2021 Анна Лапы
ПОЧЕТНОЕ УПОМИНАНИЕ Золотая осень 29x39,

Honorable mention

Anna Lonshakova.
Golden Autumn
29 х 39 cm, 2020

Judge`s comments: Every fine art medium has certain characteristics that are distinctive. While pastel can be applied in a variety of ways, one of its powers lies within mark making. The tactile, bold, spontaneous marks of pastel demonstrated by this painting is a perfect example. The subject is instantly recognizable, but we know what was important to the artist — light.

Honorable mention

Anna Kalugina
Last supper
30 х 30 cm, 2021

Judge`s comments: Creating something new and being an individual as an artist, are at the core of why we paint. Without chance takers, all paintings would look the same. This artist has a voice and is expressing it by pushing pastel in bold, new, directions. The observer becomes engaged and experiences something well beyond the descriptive — poetry. 

ПОЧЕТНОЕ УПОМИНАНИЕ Тайная вечеря 30_30,
ПОЧЕТНОЕ УПОМИНАНИЕ Вечер пятницы 78x58,

Honorable mention

Elena Magarshak
Evening of friday
78 х 58 cm, 2020

Judge`s comments: A glorious use of pastel is demonstrated in every section of this painting. It’s, representational, yet abstract. It’s descriptive, yet soulful. It’s a jumble of items, yet masterfully composed. The artist clearly has confidence, whether choosing what to paint, or how to paint it, with pastel.

Royal Talens`s


Véronique du Boisrouvray
50 х 35 cm, 2020
ROYAL TALENS ISAURE 35X50, 2020 Véroniqu
PAN PSTEL Бульвар сен-жермен после дождя

Pan Pastel`s


Ekaterina Posetselskaya
Boulevard Saint-Germain after the rain
100 х 120 см, 2020

uart choice

Nadezhda Zudova
Alchemy of spring
70 х 50 cm, 2021
UART Алхимия весны 70х50, 2021 Надежда З
UART Цветочный мед 35х38, 2020 Светлана

UART Choice

Svetlana Shirokova
Flower Honey
35 х 38 cm, 2020

NPS Team`s


Sergei Pietilä
Five Vikings
72 х 80 cm, 2021
НСП Пять викингов 72х80, 2021 Сергей Пие
НСП Затишье 50x70, 2020 Сeргей Бакин.jpg

NPS Team`s


Sergey Bakin
50 х 70 см, 2020

Richard McKinley. Judging comment:

Judge`s comments: It is never easy to be in the position of selecting award placement for an exhibition, especially when the quality of work to choose from is of the caliber being represented in the National Pastel Society of Russia Juried Webshow 2021. I want to personally congratulate everyone in the exhibition for producing such beautiful works that represent the diversity of pastel as a fine art medium.

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