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Zoom Workshop With Tony Allain CREATING MOOD & ATMOSPHERE IN PASTEL: using confident ‘brushwork’!

Zoom Workshop With Tony Allain CREATING MOOD & ATMOSPHERE IN PASTEL: using confident ‘brushwork’!

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23 окт., 19:00 GMT-7

О событии

Мероприятие проходит на английском языке с частичным переводом на русский.

Zoom workshop by Tony Allain PS, PSA, MC-IAPS, MPANZ

CREATING MOOD & ATMOSPHERE IN PASTEL: using confident ‘brushwork’!

Have you ever wanted to bring a looser and more painterly feel to your work loaded with juicy colour and flooded with light?

Fear not. The cavalry is coming!!!

Join me and I will share some of my working methods concentrating on painting landscapes and seascapes from photographs that delight you and excite the viewer. Using our reference photos we can bring some fresh colour and a more painterly feel to our works. We will look at choosing, editing and cropping our reference photographs. We will learn how to find the point of interest from the photo. I will supply a selection of reference photographs for you to experiment with.

Our aim is to capture the essence of the subject in an intuitive way with the freedom of ‘brushwork’ that has its roots in the alla prima work of the French Impressionists, giving a liveliness and vigorous mark that is instrumental in expressing the mood and atmosphere on a subject............. I wish to share my passion with you

Toned Sketchbook: grey or tan coloured pages.

Three Ink markers: fine point, med chisel , large chisel.

Other materials include sketchbook, graphite pencils etc for making thumbnails

Your own choice of paper and pastels.


Below is a rough guide to a full day 6-hour workshop (9.am – 3 pm PST)

Creating Mood & Atmosphere: Using our photo references   8:30 - The host will be there to greet you and answer any questions.   9:00 - 9:15 - Meet and Greet, The Intro by Tony    9:15 - 9:30 – Photo and Sketchbook overview by Tony.   9:30- 10:50 – Editing our photos , viewfinders, cropping and flipping. Demo1  Watch or paint along     10:50 -11:00 - Tea Break   11:00 -12:00 - Demo 2 by Tony.  Watch or paint along, Q&A   12:00 - 12:30 - Lunch Break  & dinner for Tony  12:30 - 1 - Review of the morning, Feedback time  1 - 1:50 -Exercises for the class by Tony    1:50 -2 Pm - Tea Break    2p - 3 pm - Demo in pastel by Tony and homework for students

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